Our Story

Sunny Sky Counseling was born out of a determination to better serve families, couples and individuals in the wider community.  Bottom line, I really just wanted to open my own counseling business to help people.  In my experience I have found that many community agencies seem to lack a healthy environment for counseling. I believe in helping people create a healthier environment for themselves, their children and each other. Communities thrive when people in them are well balanced and supportive of one another.  I believe in helping to foster positive ways and healthy habits in others in order to better cope with the stressors in their lives, thus promoting a better living environment for themselves and other people around them.

Ever had someone else smile at you?  Notice how you felt afterwords?  Did you smile at the next person that you saw?  We can improve how people feel around us through a simple heartfelt smile.  Imagine if we were able to improve things around ourselves to the point in which we could smile more at each other.  We could let go of a lot of the needless stressors that we are enveloped in.

I may be somewhat of an idealist, but it is that idealism that allows me to help families, individuals and couples to find ways to work through symptoms of mental illness, lifes stressors, and struggling with raising children in the middle of it all, by finding ways to cope.

The name Sunny Sky Counseling came from the combination of both my dog's names, Sunny, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and Sky, my German Shepard/Chow mix and the desire to bring some more sunny skies to Portland Oregon on those cloudy and rainy days.

- Chad Ernest (Owner and Founder)

Sky and Sunny                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Sabina Wilkins

Sky and Sunny                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Sabina Wilkins