Chad Ernest, LPC and Owner

Chad Ernest, MS, LPC   Photo by Vanessa Mortinson

Chad Ernest, MS, LPC Photo by Vanessa Mortinson

Education and Experience

I have a BS in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison received in 2000.  I have an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University received in March 2011 and a Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University received in December 2010.

I am a member of Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ), American Counselors Association (ACA) and Oregon Counselors Association (ORCA).  I have served as  President of Coalition of Oregon Professional Associations for Counseling and Therapy (COPACT) and as  Political Policy Advisor.


I believe in a client/family centered approach with collaboration in treatment between the counselor and client/family.  The goal of counseling overall is wellness and/or reconciliation with one’s self, family and the community.  I am an integrationist in my counseling theory, which means that I believe in incorporating various theories into my practice to suit the needs of whom I am serving.  My practice is based on the following theories and interventions within them: Various evidence based practices; the Family Checkup Model; Person-centered; Existential; Gestalt; Psychodynamic; Narrative; Strength Based; Cognitive Behavioral; Rational Emotive Behavioral; Reality; Feminist; Family Systems Therapy; and Collaborative Parenting.  The approach utilized is based on your needs and facilitated with you or your family and your partner.

Professional development is also essential to an ethical counselor.  I participate in continual training, seminars, reading, and professional consultations to maintain an ethical and professional practice.

A Little Bit About me

I am married to a wonderful woman who has helped support me through school and my venture into private counseling and expanding my practice.  We currently have a twelve year old son adopted from foster care, a 24 year old foster daughter, a 23 year old foster daughter, and other foster children who have stayed with us for sometime and moved back with their families or out on their own (we still consider them part of our family as well). Our family is constantly growing and expanding. We live with our dog (Sunny) and 2 cats (Sherlock and Madison) in Portland, Oregon.  We have been here about 13 years.   I love to snowboard, read, write, camp, hike play video games, go for walks, watch anime, spend time with family and friends, and ride my motorcycle.