A new beginning...

Today is the start of a new beginning for me as a professional counselor, which I hope that all who read this can join with me on this journey.  Sunny Sky Counseling will provide clients with the convenience of therapy in their own home with the option of having visits in an office.  We may also be able to provide counseling over the phone and via the internet by arrangement.  I am offering services to families, couples and individuals for what is the most convenient and helpful way.  Once the practice grows and becomes more established, the plan will be to open a more permanent office in an easily accessible location.  

 Home therapy can be comfortable, convenient and provide a consistent therapeutic environment.  It also helps the therapist to see how the family interacts at home and help suggest interventions that can be practiced in the home.  When interventions are actually practiced in the home, they are more likely to be utilized in a cohesive way providing an opportunity for more long term success. 

Some articles on the benefits of home based therapy: 

The article extols the the successes of using home based therapy in Cape Cod:


 The following scholarly article reviews the empirical evidence and literature around home based therapy that demonstrates significant gains in helping children be successful at home despite the youth having increased behavioral difficulties initially. Interventions were able to: 

"• lower symptoms in youth dropping from highly elevated disturbance levels 

to levels comparable to outpatient scores (Mosier et al., 2001); 

• increased use of problem-solving style of coping (Zarski, et al. 1992); 

• a higher impact on reducing internalizing than externalizing behaviors 

(Wilmshurst, 2002; Aronen et al., 1996)."